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The Compliance Professionals

At HSEQ, we’re growth driven. We believe no compliance challenge is too hard and no mess is too big, because we have the know-how to find the right solutions. Your business growth is our priority, and we achieve success through a strategic and holistic approach.

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Giving you your time back

“What do I need to become compliant? Where do I even start?”

We get asked this question all the time. And we get how frustrating it might feel. Trying to figure out what you need to meet certain compliance standards and implementing systems that will drive business growth feels like climbing Mount Everest. To us, it’s second nature.

Our directors, Gregory Guy and Matthew Guy, bring their niche skillsets to the table to deliver tailored compliance management systems specific to your industry requirements, and to ensure that you are at all times ISO compliant with those requirements.

Many of our clients are already compliant but find it hard to navigate the system implementation requirements throughout the year, while some are not compliant and don’t know where to start.

That’s where we come in. We’ll successfully guide you to identify the gaps, shine a spotlight on the opportunities and deliver a bulletproof plan for you to be compliant with the relevant ISO standards.

We have access to all the template documents and the know-how to tailor the documents as they apply to your business in the right way, so that you get that tick of compliance.

Our comprehensive compliance services are here so that you have your time back to focus on what you do best.

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Empowering you to reach your goals

Our partnership approach means you’ll never be left in the dark. Through educating you in what can feel like a maze of industry regulations, documents and compliance requirements, we give you the power to comfortably navigate these territories.

First, we listen to understand your business goals and direction. Because we know how to deal with certification auditors and we know what they’re looking for, we can effectively empower you to meet your objectives.

If you have a tender deadline looming and you need certification – let’s help you get there. If your business operations hits a wall around every corner due to poor system implementation – let’s sort it out for you.

We give you the power so that you can make better decisions for your business growth.

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We futureproof your business

We’re passionate about finding ways to do things better. And by sorting your compliance issues, we’re paving the way for your business to grow as it should.

We think strategically to implement change for sustained growth and continuous improvement. With Greg’s legal expertise and Matt’s systems approach, we are able to deliver agile and adaptable solutions in ISO compliance and NDIS provider compliance so that you stay compliant as your business evolves.

We are also skilled at identifying gaps to then construct a powerful business management system. We use a philosophy of constant, logical and sustainable improvement that allows for organic improvement throughout your business.

Ensuring the strategic changes and improvement we’ve brought into your business are optimised well into the future, we carry out regular reviews (usually every three months) and monitor all elements of the management systems that we have set up.

Meet Greg and Matt - your partners in compliance and growth

No compliance conundrum is too big for father and son duo Greg and Matt. Never has there been a team with more complementary skills and strengths than them.

As a former lawyer, Greg brings a wealth of experience in legislative components of business and compliance standards.

Greg acts as an external certification auditor for NDIS certifiers.

He derives great job satisfaction from helping to develop businesses holistically – not just ticking boxes.

“Advancing businesses makes me happy. My clients get excited about the changes they see in their businesses. I have a passion and knack for immediately seeing the gaps where improvement can be made.”

Matthew is the co-founder of HSEQ. As a safety, environmental and quality professional with a strong science background, Matthew’s strengths lie in analysing legal and compliance requirements, getting systems to perform optimally and producing the highest quality of work.

“Working in the health and safety industry and optimising everything that surrounds the certification thereof, essentially means that I am doing my part in saving lives. I help to improve the way people work, and this improves the professionalism of their businesses.

Ultimately, I aim to do a better job than any of our competitors. That’s why I get up in the mornings – I want to do better for my clients every single day.”

Partner with the experts in compliance and management systems

At HSEQ, your ISO compliance, NDIS certificaion and business management systems needs are promptly met under one roof. Our services have been tailored to suit the most asked-for needs – and everything in between.

Let’s get your compliance issues sorted – contact us to start the conversation.


We proudly follow a no-nonsense, holistic approach in tailoring effective and easy to use management systems for your business that address Quality (9001), Environment (14001) and Health & Safety (45001) standards. Your business growth is our end goal.

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